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Industrial Customers

Understanding the business of our customers, their processes and needs, is our starting point. Technological solutions are secondary, but we are happy to have designed a product that meets the needs of industrial use.

We help our customers remove their most painful bottlenecks and create a foundation for sustainable growth. During the implementation project we share frankly our advice on what we have learned about how it is best to do things and what has usually worked.

Customer stories often mention Ponniste, which is a product we coded from scratch. It has mostly been replaced by Collapick Tempo that uses Odoo ERP as its engine.
digitalization of manufacturing
Outokummun metalli


Outokummun metalli manufactures John Deere and Waratah branded harvester heads. Customer challenges were getting a complete view of their manufacturing situation and using paper for making entries. We began with a system audit to get a clear idea of the whole and created a long-term system strategy for the customer. Then we digitalized the workflow and made a visualization of the state of the manufacturing process. We integrated our system with their current ERP and Microsoft Sharepoint environment.
digitalization of manufacturing data collection


Parmaco is a forerunner in manufacturing purpose-built buildings in a factory environment. For Parmaco we made a system for collecting element-specific data in three of their factories. Workers collect manufacturing quality data by a mobile device. The management can follow visually where each element is in the production flow. We also digitalized and visualized Parmaco work site process.
digitalization of the manufacturing process


ScanPole is a leading producer of wooden poles in Europe. ScanPoles production facilities are situated in Höljäkkä, Finland, Ilseng, Norway, and in the UK ScanPole Ltd sales company serves the local customers. For Scanpole we provided a custom-made manufacturing digitalization and warehouse visualization. Customers can search warehouse-spcific information. The system shows the locations of large products on a map. Manufacturing process stamps and product management are done with a mobile device. The system is integrated with their ERP.
digitalization of quality data


Finncont designs and manufactures long lasting and environmentally responsible solutions for waste and property management, industry and safe and tested fuel tanks. For Finncont we digitalized their manufacturing inspection reports. The solution is based on our Ponniste product.
digitalization of manufacturing
Pro Grinding


Pro Grinding manufactures and maintains tools for industrial use. The goal was to digitalize the supply chain. We used Ponniste to create a system for following the state of orders and a warehousing system. The customer can see what is the state of their manufacturing orders. Thus Pro Grinding can offer their customers real-time data on the status of the product they need. Integration with Lemonsoft ERP.
digitalization of quality deviations
Suomen Levyprofiili


Suomen Levyprofiili is a significant manufacturer of sheet metal structures in Finland. They are a subcontractor for their customers, such as for John Deere. We digitalized their quality process, where workers use mobile devices to report quality data and quality managers direct the process in Ponniste.
digitalization of deviation reports


Kesla is the leading expert in modern forest technology and material handling. For Kesla we created a solution where they can use mobile devices to report deviations and manage the process. The customer also needed alerts based on threshold values on their painting line. We integrated Ponniste with automation machinery so the alerts were delivered to the responsibles.
digitalization of manufacturing
Niemen Tehtaat


Founded in 1898 Niemen Tehtaat manufactures furniture in the fourth generation. Over 120 years the family business has expanded into a set of three companies. Niemen Tehtaat wanted to integrate their current ERP with their webstore and to improve the webstore to better meet customer needs. We helped with the integration and webstore development.
See the eCommerce Store
robot cell visualization and the digitalization of manufacturing


Parmarine produces prefabricated bathrooms, ship cabins, toilet units and fire doors with almost 50 years of experience. For Parmarine we began with creating a control visualization for the robot cell that is used to make wall panels. Users can arrange elements of DXF images to maximize efficiency. In the second phase we digitalized an Access-based Manufacturing Execution System which is used to visualize toilet manufacturing states by production hall.
visualization of manufacturing and orders
Esmarin Composites


Esmarin Composites has over 25 years of experience in providing its customers with advanced composite solutions. For Esmarin we created a visualizatino of manufacturing cycle time and collecting clocking in data with mobile devices. The goal for Esmarin was to reduce the manufacturing cycle time by half and to handle inspection reports electronically. The workers use mobile devices to log reports and we used clear report views to visualize the order backlog

Our works

Other Customers Cities and Regional councils

We have produced interesting and innovative projects for cities and regional councils.

Our project implementetions have been well received also at the EU level.

We have plenty of experience in planning projects and developing them with professional commentary.

Energy Wise Cities project

We took part in developing a system to collect and visualize energy and environmental data as a part of the Energy Wise Cities project. The object was to visualize energy and indoor air quality data so that anyone can understand the data to make informed decisions about their energy consumption as well about what has an impact on their indoor air quality.

The visualization took account of the fact that the average consumer may not necessarily understand what measures such as kilowatt-hours mean, so the data was presented in a way that avoids using such terms. The amount of text was likewise minimized so that people of different linguistic backgrounds would be able to use it intuitively.

The service runs on web browser and is also responsive so it is easy to use it on a mobile phone or a tablet. This implementation method also makes it possible to use the service through an info display.

Regional Route planning portal

The goal was to create a service for the inhabitants of and tourists in the region that combines all route planning data in one place. The focus was to make provide a service that is easy to use and meets the needs of the end users.

  • Part of the MAMBA project
  • Our implementation was praised in an EU wide project meeting
  • We researched open source APIs and the possibility of using the NAP (National Access Point) API
  • We arranged workshops to get acquainted with the precise needs of the municipalities and transport operators
See the service in action here!

Regional Communication Channel

We created a service through which the inhabitants of the North Karelia region and the regional council can communicate. It gathers communications from multiple sources into a single whole.

  • Most recent communications / messages are sent to the mobile phones of the inhabitants.
  • They can easily fill local surveys.
  • They feel they are being heard and that they can take part in decision making.
  • Clean graph visualizations of the responses / results.

Smart City Guidance Project

The goal of this info display pilot was to improve the guidance in Hiedanranta by collecting, combining and forwarding information. We used our Ponniste information gathering and forwarding platform in the project.

The info display gives the user a quick overview about the events in area and allows them to easily drill into the details. The users showed interest in the info display and the project has potential for a wider implementation at a later date.

Central features of the project were UX /UI design, usability and integrations.