Collapick Tempo – significant improvements on production

Collapick Tempo expands the functionality of Odoo ERP for industrial use and reduces the view of each user group to an intuitive minimum.

Well thought-out improvements to make your work flow easy.

Collapick Tempo has increased the operational efficiency of our customers by 20-50%.


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  • Manufacturing Execution System
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Integrations

Where does the 20-50% come from?

Efficient warehousing

Odoo monitors the inventory and can automatically suggest replenishments based on consumption data.

Customizable dashboard

Just the information you want to see from all the modules, all in one place.

Track working time

You can easily start using the integrated time tracking module in Odoo and give up external solutions.

Modern user interface

Decision making becomes faster with an interface that is both visually clean and intuitive to use versus searching for and combining information from behind multiple tabs and from several programs.

Flexible printing

Print directly from the system what still needs to be printed. Everything you put in Odoo you can print from your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Task management, delegation, scheduling

Add activities to yourself and delegate them to others. Set reminders. Everything is visible also in your calendar.

Schedule recurring maintenance and inspections and review them in your calendar.


Send RfQs to suppliers automatically based on inventory levels and procurement rules.

Set quality control to activate where it needs to in your workflow.

Create automatic email responses based, for example, on the type of support request.


With WLAN easy printing you can print, for example, referrals and labels directly from your mobile device.

Save, for example, pictures with your mobile device directly into the system.

Fill, for example, inspection reports with your mobile device.

Clock in your work with your mobile device.

Efficient document management

Preserve your documents in Odoo: less paper and external systems.

Find the essential in the right place: almost everywhere in Odoo you can use the chatter: an archiving chat embedded into the system (like WhatsApp, Teams, Slack), where you can easily preserve and find the latest information.

Collapick Tempo and Odoo features

  • Odoo feature
  • Collapick Tempo additional feature or enhanced functionality
  • Product Unit of Measure, part variations, MTO
  • Product Configurator
  • Automatic manufacturing orders and sub manufacturing orders from sales orders.
  • You can also sell services
  • Customer can independently confirm orders in the customer portal
MES - Manufacturing Execution System

Work orders

  • Choose work queue based on, for example, work station.
  • Real-time instructions, documents, images, forms and notes also on the job card.
  • Inspection, measurement and quality reports.
  • Worktime clocking.
  • Easy printing management, for example job cards with attachments, product labels.

Kanban view or the "Trello of manufacturing"

  • Load work based on, for example, work station, machine or even worker.
  • Drag-and-drop work queue management
  • Move jobs from one machine or worker to another
  • Change job priorities

Info view

  • See and manage production as a whole
  • Color-coded view: one look conveys what's essential about, for example, the state of a production phase
  • Different info views by production unit, if needed

Work load scheduling

  • Manage production unit and work station work loads
  • Drag-and-drop to re-schedule an order
  • Easy advanced planning and scheduling
  • Link and chain workflows
  • Resource calendar: set worker absences and manage resource sufficiency


Receiving and sending stock

  • Send and receive orders easily
  • Quick links to cargo pilots' pages: print waybills! Works with Unifaun, too.
  • Easily tag back orders
  • Use barcodes and QR-codes
  • Easy print management: print labels and bills of lading
  • Record customer special requirements into the system and they will be visible in the warehouse, too
  • Quality inspection

Stock levels

  • Product location lists up to the shelving location!
  • Update stock levels and make stock transfers with a mobile device!
  • Use virtual locations, for example, for project-specific materials.
  • Easy to see what materials have been reserved
  • Automatic replenishment suggestions for stock products


  • Purchase order consolidation
  • Automatic purchase order suggestions for manufacturing orders
  • Supplier performance reports
  • Purchase in one quantity, stock in another


  • Procountor, Netvisor, WooCommerce, Lemonsoft, Zebra
  • C9000: Integrate sales orders as manufacturing orders in Odoo
  • Coming soon: Vertex, Solidworks, Nestix, Mepco

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