IoT Development how sensors can help

IoT or the Internet of Things refers to equipment that can be connected to information systems to produce added value.

In households you meet IoT, for example, in electronic locks and smart lights that can be remotely controlled.

In industrial use it is possible to monitor the operating times of machines or equip them with automatic measuring devices so that the data can be directly connected with information systems.

Sometimes the solution can be simple, so give us a challenge!

How can sensors enhance your business?

GPS based warehousing

Our customer had large outdoor warehouses, mutta managing and monitoring their state was difficult. We developed a system whereby they can easily follow their outdoor warehouses by using GPS coordinates, and find their products fast.

Voice Control

Using the voice to give commands can be useful, for example, when the worker already has their hands full and wishes to use a device at the same time.

Mechanical alternatives

Although modern technology brings many possibilities, there are also even simpler solutions when, for example, working in a dirty environment or while wearing protective clothing. Then traditional keyboards or modern displays may not be an option. In such cases we can use mechanical push buttons or switches, which can give access to all the functionality of the user interface.

Visual measurements

In a paint shop production line visual measurement devices can be used to monitor quality and the end results. The devices can tell whether the result is within quality tolerance limits. Similarly, a device can give alerts in case tolerance limits are not met.

Temperature and indoor air sensors

Measuring temperature and following indoor air quality can bring imporant data for quality control.

Visual alerts

Visual alerts can be used to easily and quickle notify people if, for example, a production line meets a machine failure. This will make people in the vicinity immediately aware of a potential danger.

Measuring machine operating time

Measuring the operating time of machines can give important information about productivity. This data combined with a worker's information about malfunctions and their causes can be very valueable to companies.

Some other option?

Do you have some other scenario in mind or are you looking for a simple solution to a problem? Let us help!

Utilizing sensor data

Are you already using sensors, but connecting the data to other systems or utilizing it is problematic? We may have a solution for you!